Vintage Restorations
by Rege LLC 
Regis Mahoy
265 Durst Rd.
Irwin Pa. 15642

Welcome to Vintage Restorations.
In 1982 I purchased a 57 Chevy hardtop for $400 from a junkyard.
I worked on it every spare minute I had. One year later it was finished
and my career path was chosen.
Since then I have restored almost everything imaginable. I started
with cars and parts and eventually settled in with gas pumps and everything
that goes with them. Air meters, lubesters, pop machines, pedal cars, and
shop equipment. Vintage outboard motors have also become one of my
 I have supplied items to some of the most outstanding private collections
 in the country. If you are just starting a collection or adding on, I can help. 
I will supply you with the highest quality restorations available anywhere
 in a timely fashion. I am a one man shop so I do get backed up from time to
 time. You can be assured that when I start your project I finish your project.
I do one job at a time. Be assured, no excuses, no bull, and no headaches!
Please check out my website and if you have any questions feel free to
contact me. Rege 


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